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Abundant Life Well-Being

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Unless you request a specialty massage such as Lomi Lomi, Pain Neutralization Technique, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Cupping/Guasha, or Zen Shiatzu, your integrative massage with Lea will be a unique and customized amalgamation of a full toolbelt of modalities and techniques as she intuits the needs of your body at the time of the massage session. Her expansive training and years of experience will be utilized to provide you with the best possible synergenic benefit.

Most full body integrative massages will be sceduled as 90 minute session to allow adequate time for effectively addressing areas of greater need in addition to relaxation of the full body. A focused massage such as neck-shoulder or reflexology or hand-wrists will be scheduled for 30-minute sessions. Zen Shiatsu or Cranial Sacral Unwinding will be scheduled for 30-minute sessions.

Most massages will start with:
- Guided Breath Meditation with visualization to calm and revitalize the mind-body connection

During a "regular" massage Lea will draw upon and incorporate from the following to create a blended fluid massage of healing and relaxation:

- all of her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics and acupuncture meridian and points theory

- The unique points and point combinations used in Master Tung and Dr Tan Balance

- Swedish Massage

- Lomi Lomi

- PNT Pain Neutralization Techniques (and modifications when part of a regular oiled massage session)

- Touch for Health

- Orthobionomy

- Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage)

- Zen Shiatsu

- Cranial Sacral

- Myofascial Release techniques

- Releases learned from Physical Therapists and Coaches (as fellow students in massage/technique classes and as a client)

- Unique techniques Lea has created over the years in self-treatments

- Cupping
- Guasha

Energy/Spiritual work intuitively and innately  incorporated in all sessions:

- Reiki
- Ho'oponopono
- Medical QiGong

- Cranial Sacral space-setting and grounding/connecting

Pre- and Post- session discussion may include:

- Nutritional and hydration recommendations related to specific observations and goals

- A Stretch, Exercise, a Yoga, QiGong or TaiChi technique for a specific purpose for improved body balance and health

- Tips for use of common items to help in powerful yet easy self-massage techniques

- Suggestions if needed for balancing life/body with meditation and/or spiritual habits (never telling anyone what their spiritual habit should be, but a spiritual time is part of the balance needed for full health per sage Chinese Medicine wisdom.

- Handouts to help with self-acupressure and pro-active health

- Referrals to other specialists (local practitioners, books, and online sources)