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Abundant Life Well-Being


This “massage” treatment is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and involves applying pressure to specific points along channels or meridians based upon symptoms and TCM disease diagnosis.

Touch for Health

A Touch for Health treatment includes muscle testing (kinesiology) for diagnosing imbalances followed by the application of finger pressure, ranging from feather-light touch to vigorous deep frictional pressing, to specific points on the head, neck and trunk. As Lea, a Touch for Health Level III Practitioner, quickly and continually saw fantastic results in her inclusion of TFH in her massage sessions and as stand-alone mini-treatments for friends, she opted to forego the next level of training (to become an instructor) to instead begin her studies of Oriental Medicine upon which this modality is largely based. Lea incorporates the variation of pressure (from eyeball pressure to vigorous static or rubbing stimulation) in accordance to TFH principals with her massages and many of her acupuncture sessions.

The variety of uses for muscle-testing as learned in TFH was fun and fascinating. Lea may use it to aide with musculo-imbalance diagnosis or to aide with selecting between a couple of virtually identical herbal options with only subtle differences or to assess the blending of herbals with someone who is on other medications that are not contraindicated with the particular herbals. It is fun to use muscle-testing to help clients who are assessing the reduction of a "too large" (client determination and request) or to show clients their body's response to different beverages or foods.