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Abundant Life Well-Being

Some issues may require psychological or medical referral.

  • Addictions– Assistance in substance abuse recovery. Help for loved ones affected by the addict’s negative behaviors.
  • Between-Life Regression - Explore subconscious memories of possible between-life experiences and/or spiritual guides that may help you identify life purposes and goals influencing your current life relationships and situations.
  • Career – Have the career you want. Reawaken your passion for success. Increase motivation, release fears, get organized and take steps to reach your goals with ease and confidence.
  • Fears and Phobias – Conquer your fears, such as fear of success, fear of losing weight, flying, heights, loss of control, water, animals and death.
  • Focus and Memory - Improve your focus and memory for school, work and social settings.
  • Grief Recovery – Moving forward after suffering profound loss.
  • Habit Control – Conquer and eliminate bad habits from your life, including nail biting, smoking and drinking.
  • Health and Rejuvenation – Stay healthy by managing your emotional and physical pain and reprogramming attitudes and habits to increase energy, happiness and well-being.
  • Learning – Increase your memory and focus, gain better study habits, and eliminate test anxiety.
  • Life-Altering Events – Hypnotherapy can help you process major changes in your life, including death, divorce, loss, trauma and relocation.
  • Life-Changes - Ease your way through life's changes, such as empty-nest, menopause, and career changes
  • Motivation – Remove roadblocks. Release limiting beliefs and negative self-talk standing in the way of your success. Create the life you want.
  • Negative Emotions – Regain joy and balance in your life. Let go of anger, anxiety,  fear, frustration, guilt, hurt, irritability, sadness, shame, and worry.
  • Past Life Regression - Explore subconscious memories of possible prior life experiences that may be influencing your current life relationships, chronic ailments, phobias, or self-esteem.
  • Performance  Enhancement - Improve performance in intimate relationships
  • Public Speaking Power – Eliminate your anxiety and fear of public speaking.
  • Relationships – Repair, enrich and create fulfilling personal and professional relationships. Overcome sexual problems and difficulties. Forgive yourself and others.
  • Relaxation and Stress Management – Achieve a lasting state of well-being using self- hypnosis, meditation and Mindful Awareness practices.
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence – Feel better about yourself. Achieve more of what you want – in every area of your life.
  • Spirituality – Tap into your highest, most positive and loving self to recreate peaceful balance in your life. Discover the life-enhancing benefits of becoming present in your life.
  • Sports Performance Enhancement - Improve performance in your sport or choice just as the top level professional athletes do in sports such as golf, baseball, basketball, running and triathalons.
  • Weight Solutions - Identify, release and heal past events or traumas that may be sabotaging your efforts to then easily take control again, reprogramming your subconscious if needed for your desired specific cravings and lifestyle that will bring out the healthy balanced body, energy and life residing within you.

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