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Abundant Life Well-Being

Indigo Poultice Ritual

Firm Compressions  with Steamed Aromatic Herbal Poultice followed by massage on each limb/section: Poultice, Massage, Poultice, Massage, Poultice, Massage....  Heavenly Aroma & Warmed-Muscles Bliss.



  • stress
  • emotional/mental fatigue
  • muscle aches and pain
  • joint pain
  • swelling and inflammation
  • chilled and/or tired legs/feet

Release & Soothe

  • blocked energy
  • nervous system


  • energy flow throughout the body
  • circulation
  • lymphatic flow
  • digestive system
  • flexibility with warmed muscles
  • nervous system balance
  • breathing and clear congestion
  • body's detoxification functions
  • immune system

Volcanic Foot Scrub and Indigo Herbal Poultice Ready for You

Indigo Poultice Ritual

This unique marriage of the senses begins with a grounding Hawaiian Volcanic and Ginger foot ritual followed by a steamed organic herbal poultice muscle treatment of compressions along body meridian points for a deep-heat that helps release blocked energy to reduce aches as it stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, detoxifying and conditioning the skin. This heavenly aromatic experience is combined with a full-body massage using a subtle blend of essential oil and coconut oil that will leave you feeling grounded and peacefully whole. (80 min)