• weight issues
  • smoking
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • PTSD
  • ADD and ADHD
  • asthma
  • insomnia
  • diabetes
  • IBS
  • sports performance
  • surgery preparation/recovery
  • migraines
  • chronic neck-shoulder pain
  • chronic digestive issues
  • chronic pain management
  • pain that is unexplained by western diagnosis
  • phobias
  • grief
  • sadness
  • anger/impulse control
  • low confidence/self-esteem
  • and more


Q. Do you always use needles in this process, and if so, how many do you use?

A. Whether using ultra-fine painless pins or using magnets, I typically use four to twelve core acupuncture points to clear and energize a path for healing. The treatment is individualized to the client on that given day, so the number of needles may vary outside of that "typical" range.

Q. Is it safe to mix two different systems? 

A. After utilizing both together for many years, I can say the treatment is absolutely safe. My instruction with Chinese MDs included the importance of mind-thought and spirit/emotion during the course of treatment, so even before officially certifying as a hypnotist, I had been guiding clients in breath meditations, visualization and self-hypnosis/self-talk to improve their experience and their results. Both modalities seek to create homeostasis (balance) in both body and mind.  When used together under the right circumstances, they work synergistically. Clients often report afterwards that they experienced a deeper healing experience than any they had ever accessed previously.  

Q. Acupuncture is great. Why would I need to use hypnosis on top of that?

A. The subconscious is our source of wisdom and positive action. It is the source of our perceptions, habits and reactions. Before an old habit or mindset can shift, the subconscious has to agree to this new ‘contract’. This is why diets often fail and fail again: The subconscious has not been accessed. Trance is the method whereby that agreement takes place.

Q. Do you suggest HypnoPuncture for everybody who walks into your office?

A. Absolutely not.  I wouldn’t hypnotize someone with a sprained ankle, just as a ‘fear of flying’ client might not see benefits from acupuncture (unless there is also a constitutional tendency to anxiety in general). Before any treatment I develop a Report Of Findings to determine if the client is a viable candidate for treatment of any kind. If they are, then we discuss what the best direction might be for that particular client.

Hypno-Puncture = Hypnotherapy  + Acupuncture


the quick impact of the subconscious with the sage wisdom of

Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture

for a Power Package

proving to hold Power Results

The combination of hypnosis and acupuncture simultaneously within a session is proving in early research to provide profoundly powerful results. Dr. Andrew Weil, a noted practitioner and teacher of integrated medicine reports "amazing" results with the synergistic combination of hypnosis and acupuncture. To learn more of his evaluation of hypno-puncture visit Andrew Weil, M.D.'s article.

Acupuncture and hypnosis are each respected as highly effective therapies. Together they amplify the benefits to achieve amazing and quick effect.

Examples of conditions benefited with the synergistic combination therapy include but are not limited to:

Discover Your Best Self with the Synergy of Hypnosis and Oriental Medicine

Hypnopuncture is the cutting edge new ultimate mind-body therapy, which combines the ancient body wisdom of acupuncture with of equally ancient art of hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture together, combined into one treatment is available in Sedona and is highly recommended for weight loss, stopping smoking and stress related issues.

Hypnopuncture is so effective because it was developed through the understanding that your mind and body are intimately connected and that most of our issues have both a psychological and physical component, which need to be treated together for the best results. By using hypnosis and acupuncture together at the same time a synergistic effect results, so the client often quickly experiences a positive shift in both mind and body. A dualy certified hypnopuncturist is able to treat a wide range of issues quickly and effectively including weight loss, stopping smoking and stress conditions.

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