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Abundant Life Well-Being

Fertility Advanced Studies

Acupuncture and Oriental Herbal Medicine is well recognized as an effective therapy for improving the body's balance of hormones, functions and psycho-emotional state to improve the potential for fertility and a healthy pregnancy. Oriental Medicine offers effective aide to retaining pregnancies, aleving morning sickness and other effects related to imbalances as the body systems change to support the fetus, promoting breech babies to turn and promoting labor when it is time. Lea has pursued and completed extensive advanced study in Fertility for natural and for adjunct assistance in medically assisted fertility procedures. Oriental medicine can help both men and women for improving body balance for fertility issues. Note that Hypnosis is also well noted for improving fertility and healthy pregnancy potential.

Certified in Pain Neutralization Technique
Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) is a group of powerfully effective yet gentle, pleasant needle-free techniques based in the blend of acupuncture theory and kinesiology created and taught directly by Dr. Stephen Kaufman. Dr. Kaufman's PNT seminars draw physicians and practitioners from around the world, where we greatly enjo and benefit in personally training with Dr. Kaufman.

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine with AOMA

The rigorous four-year Master of Science Oriental Medicine program at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin requires 2800 in-class hours advanced studies beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and acupuncture. Great emphasis is given to western medical courses as well as advanced complex diagnosis for accurate and specific herbal medicine formulation. Psycho-emotional states and approaches are innate to this holistic approach as is nutrition and lifestyle. AOMA has recruited master teachers and multi-generational teachers from China and worldwide who bring great depth and high expectation to their instruction. AOMA is a rare school that requires the ongoing studies in Oriental Bodywork, offering both Zen Shiatsu and Tuina (Chinese orthopedic massage) as well as ongoing studies in internal martial arts, offering TaiChi and Qi Gong (varied forms). Students intern over 1000 hours in the student clinic beginning their first year as observers moving on to interning as acupuncturists and then as herbalists to enable students to pass the NCCAOM's national herbal boards as well as the standard acupuncture boards. The Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin has continued to grow, recently joining the Bastyr community, and has been ranked in the top 3 to top 5 acupuncture school in the US since before I began my studies there in 2000. For more information, visit AOMA's website and The Best Schools acupuncture report.

UK Certified in Precision Hypnosis

The Precision Hypnosis Program with Uncommon Knowledge, a specialist psychology training company homed in Scotland, focuses on advanced hypnosis and psychology methods for working with the most complex or resistant clients by gaining a deep understanding of the psychology of persuasion and advanced hypnotic skills. Advanced study and use of Milton Erickson's psychology techniques are one of the keys to the advanced techniques. With Precision Hypnosis, the hypnotist expands their therapy with a whole new perspective, not just new recipes.
-  Bypass conscious resistance effortlessly and get your clients where they need to go   quickly, with the minimum of fuss.
-  Be a language artiste who can perform effective therapy at a dinner party as easily as in the therapy room.
-  Shape your own mindset to make hypnosis so much easier – so your clients effectively hypnotize themselves.
-  Use the hidden power of your own expectation to ease your client into hypnosis.

Lea's  Wall of Certifications

AHA Certified PTSD Hypnosis Specialist


AHA Hypnosis and Sports Performance
Hypnosis for sports performance is a secret tool used by many well known professional athletes. Golfers, such as Tiger Woods, and other professional athletes have publicly acknowledged the benefit they have found in hypnosis for improving their performance. Recognized improvement as been cited by triathletes, tennis players, basketball, football, bowlers, gymnasts.

AHA Certified Weight-Loss Specialist

Traumatic Brain Injury Studies

Traumatic Brain Injury studies with Dr. Susan Wolf of Empowerment Research, LLC of Phoenix Arizona in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Education. Dr. Wolf's approach to brain injury accepts that brain injury effects can result from causes beyond the standardly accepted severe physical head injury. Chronic emotional or environmental stress impacts the health and function of brain function. In this perspective, long-term childhood or domestic abuse could result in changes to regions of the brain, impacting emotional and logical responses similar to the range of symptoms with the traditional diagnosis of PTSD. Emotional trauma can have a physical effect making it challenging for someone to "just get over it" without additional help. Dr. Wolf teaches educators and the public, as well as affected patients and families, in recognizing symptoms of different types of brain injury and in the development of individualized techniques to aide function for greatest improvement in daily life and long-term goals.

Touch for Health - Level III Certified
A Touch for Health treatment includes muscle testing (kinesiology) for diagnosing imbalances followed by the application of finger pressure, ranging from feather-light touch to vigorous deep frictional pressing, to specific points on the head, neck and trunk. As Lea quickly and continually saw fantastic results in her inclusion of TFH in her massage sessions and as stand-alone mini-treatments for friends, she opted to forego the next level of training (to become an instructor) to instead begin her studies of Oriental Medicine upon which this modality is largely based.

Asian Medicine Acupuncturists of Arizona (AMAAZ) Member

NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist
A certified consulting hypnotist and member with the National Hypnotists Guild

has met the certification requirements for this national certification. My continued

education and training has surpassed that required for this national certification. For

additional information about the National Guild of Hypnotists, please visit the NGH Website.

AHA Certified Pain-Management Hypnotist
Pain management through hypnosis and self hypnosis has proven highly effective for many people with a variety of chronic pain and acute pain conditions.

AHA Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist

UK Conversational Reframing Certified

Conversational Reframing certification with Uncommon Knowledge of Scotland embraces the psychology techniques of Ericksonian conversational hypnosis to convert negative or unhelpful messages and perspectives of our subconscious to helpful positive and empowering perspectives, images and messages.

AHA Certified PTSD Hypnosis Specialist

AHA Hypnosis and Sports Performance
Hypnosis for sports performance is a secret tool used by many well known professional athletes. Golfers, such as Tiger Woods, and other professional athletes have publicly acknowledged the benefit they have found in hypnosis for improving their performance. Recognized improvement as been cited by triathletes, tennis players, basketball, football, bowlers, gymnasts.

AHA Certified Weight-Loss Specialist

Certified Reiki Master
I began my journey into Reiki and energy-spiritual practices in the early 1990's. I have been a Reiki Master, providing attunements and classes since 2003. I provide individual Reiki sessions and I can incorporate Reiki into massage, acupuncture and combination therapy sessions.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

from the University of Arizona

Diplomate of Oriental Medicine
A Diplomate of Oriental Medicine is a practitioner who is certified by the
National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM®) and        
has met the certification requirements for both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.
It is a considerable professional achievement to earn the designation Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). NCCAOM certification indicates to employers, patients, and peers that one has met and continues to maintain national standards for the safe and competent practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbology as defined by the acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) profession. For additional information, about the Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, please visit the NCCAOM Website.

Certified "Stress-Less" Stress Reduction Facilitator
"Stress-Less" is a comprehensive stress reduction hypnosis program created by Don Mottin, the Vice President of the National Gild of Hypnotists and director of the Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis. It is appropriate and effective for individual, small group and corporation presentation formats. Stress, and its related emotions, has long been recognized to be the root of most chronic illness and pain conditions. It is also a common root to the blockages and self-sabotage many people encounter when finding a disconnect between their present behaviors and their goals. Hypnosis is, in truth, self-hypnosis facilitated by a professional hypnotist who will guide a person to discover their out-grown or unhealthy subconscious associations to be replaced with healthier and more productive subconscious associations to calm stress, improve health and enable personal and career growth achievements.

American Hypnosis Association Member

The American Hypnosis Association (AHA) is a national association of professional hypnotists and other professionals. The AHA sponsors monthly conferences, certification courses, and a vast online reference media library.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Certified
The Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture strategies is taught and certified by Virginia Doran, a teacher and lecturer in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and massage since 1980. [image] The facial rejuvenation program incorporates all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, oral and topical herbal medicine, bodywork, nutrition and lifestyle. Benefits of this 10-12-treatment series are felt quickly, are visible within the first few treatments with skin color growing more even and skin tone firming leading to reduction of fine wrinkles as the series continues. The subtle changes build gradually over the weeks while the therapeutic focus encompasses the holistic constitutional health to benefit energy, digestion, and circulation for a rejuvenation of the body and spirit as well as the facial appearance. Surface rejuvenation and subtle "face lift" effect is pursued in connection to inner health. 

UK Certified in Hypnosis to Stop Anyone Smoking
Uncommon Knowledge, a specialist psychology training company based in Scotland, provides certification for the completion of extensive courses instruction deep in psychological and hypnosis analysis and application. The Stop Smoking program addresses the use of varied hypnosis and psychological techniques to help anyone who wishes to quit smoking to be able to quit smoking quickly.

Certified in Acupuncture Sports Medicine
Certified in Acupuncture Sports Medicine using the blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr. Tan acupuncture theories in conjuction with bio-medical based acupuncture theories as taught by nationally renowned Whitfield Reaves in conjuction with Eastern Currents of Canada. I also have additional Sports Medicine Acupuncture study with Matt Carlson in California.

Post-Degree Bachelor of Arts Equivalency in Elementary Education

from Northern Arizona University